Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) is an organized way of discovering, modeling, monitoring, analyzing and optimizing business processes. It is a management discipline that deals with the change to improve business processes that are cross functional in nature and makes maximum use of technology to discover processes, analyze the model, alter the processes, calculate and optimize process performance. 

Ezee Apps BPM services empowers you to accomplish desirable results by improving your business processes. Our BPM implementation offering includes:

  • Process Discovery and Design
  • Process Automation and Integrity
  • Operational decision Management
  • Process Accelerators
  • Business Monitoring

Ezee Apps BPM implementation allows for faster  ROI on your BPM initiatives by enabling:

  • Process visibility  - The processes are  designed and  modeled in a single environment enabling total  visibility and  transparency of processes  throughout  the   organization. After  the  processes are implemented, management dashboard provides critical information, allowing for the continuous   improvement and refinement of  processes. During execution, BPM provides visibility  into  the  bottlenecks, exceptions for improved control  and efficiency of the  processes

  • Agility and flexibility - In respect to business processes, agility  and flexibility  applies to making changes to  a business process quickly and easily,  whether its steps, routing, rules or the assignment  of work  to other people in  the organization. Business users  can  rapidly  change the  processes  to   respond  to changing business dynamics.  Our solution supports the  creation of new  business rules,  alternative (one  off) routing of work,  escalations, re-assignment of tasks  between employees, and so on

  • Performance - Business  users  are empowered to define and  change the processes in  close  collaboration with  IT. Changes  that can  be implemented very  rapidly, thereby  reducing the  time  to market. The  processes  are   deployed  and    executed  on   a   robust  high performance   platform   for   near    zero    downtime   of   business operations

  • Collaboration – Using the Collaborative Workspace,  business and  IT users can collaborate together  to  design, create and   implement executable  business  processes, significantly reducing the  time  to market.  Collaboration features like memos,  tags,  and re-assignment  options, allow  business users  to  work  with  other team members, thereby reducing the  cost  and  lead  times for  the development of new  business processes

  • Real-time management enablement  –  Information relating  to every  transaction is  logged   and   can  be  retrieved  as  and   when required, enabling the  accurate analysis of all activities. This data is presented via  customizable dashboards, with  drill-down capabilities    allowing   for    more     detailed    analysis   into  the information





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