Business Activity Monitoring

Business Activity Monitoring describes the processes and technologies that enhance situation awareness and enable analysis of critical business performance indicators based on real-time data. BAM is used to improve the speed and effectiveness of business operations by keeping track of what is happening and making issues visible quickly. The BAM concept can be implemented through many different kinds of software tools; those aimed solely at BAM are called BAM platform products.

Performance measurement of business processes is crucial for the success of an organization. Through real-time visibility and monitoring of every crucial business activity and process, companies are able to act on insights gained from the operations. Business Activity Monitoring allows you to monitor SLAs and achievement of goals using key performance indicators and business dashboards. This allows key stakeholders to respond quickly to process or business inefficiencies, to ensure that operations run smoothly, and guarantee that critical business services are available.

Ezee Apps BAM solution helps organizations to make better informed decisions, quickly respond to problems, increase the speed of change, and exploit new revenue opportunities faster.

The industries we focus on are: Telecom Operators, Oil & Gas, Banking and Financial Services, Manufacturing & Healthcare

Our BAM offering includes:

  • Personalized dashboards for process and business activity monitoring
  • Real-time notifications for detecting process inefficiencies
  • Business metrics and KPIs for fine-grained, contextual performance monitoring
  • Drill-down analysis for root-cause bottleneck discovery and process improvement
  • Actionable business data to allow more informed, better decision making






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